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About Advance Database Systems (ADS)
Advance Database Systems (ADS) is a premiere leader in the design and development of FileMaker Pro relational database software solutions for individuals, business professionals, small businesses, and workgroups in education, government, and Fortune 1000 companies.

When individuals or businesses outgrow the limitation inherent with spreadsheets, word documents, or industry specific software, ADS designs custom relational database solutions to provide robust comprehensive functionality for tracking and managing all aspects of business operations.

Advance Database Systems (ADS) has provided more than 700 customers worldwide with custom software solutions designed and created for each company's unique requirements. A partial List of Clients and several examples of solutions are available for review in the Portfolio section.
At a Glance
Our team of Account Managers, Project Managers, and Senior Programmers are located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Advance Database Systems (ADS) was founded in 1995 by Michael Haney and David Haney.
Advance Database Systems (ADS) is owned by Michel Haney and David Haney.
TEL: (951) 766-6169 (Office)
CEL: (951) 550-7511 (Mobile, David Haney)
Other Website: FileMakerAccounting.Com
FileMaker Accounting
Advance Database Systems (ADS) is a leading developer of full double-entry accounting solutions in FileMaker Pro.

In addition to designing and developing a wide array of custom database software solutions for all aspects of business, Advance Database Systems (ADS) has also specialized in developing accounting software using FileMaker Pro since 1995. As the FileMaker versions and platforms progressed, Advance Database Systems (ADS) has revised variations of its accounting solutions.

A FREE template of EasyAccounting with FileMaker Pro, for use with FileMaker Pro versions 11, 10 & 6, are available as FREE starter templates for anyone. For more complex and feature-rich accounting solutions, contact us for FREE design consultation anytime.
Advance Database Systems (ADS) always has a continuous need for top talent.

If you desire to work with a team of other top talented developers, please submit your contact info, resume, and best sample work.

We will spend the time to evaluate your skills and interest in us and if you qualify we will contact you regarding placement on one of our teams.
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